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Fleataable update - Live Consignment Tracking - Track your consignment

Consignment Tracking has reduced phone calls up to 70%

Consignment Tracking. It’s now easy to do :

  • Auto Adjust for all Devices
  • Latest UI for better User Experience
  • Instant & open access
  • Reduced burden on your Tracking Team
  • We just released a fully revamped version of our Consignment Tracking feature. If you’re interested in what’s new, check out our website or contact us.
  • If you are Fleataable’s existing Customer then you would get the new design update.
  • If you want to provide your client an Consignment Tracking, please connect with our Product Expert.

Consignment Tracking Facility from Fleataable TMS

The Cloud Based Transport Management System is designed to provide real-time information to your customers, reducing the number of daily calls and giving your customer a greater sense of control over their consignment.

Let Your customers know where their consignments are, show them the live location of their consignments. Track consignment number easily.

Your customers can Track the Status in terms of Booking, Enroute and Dispatch.

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Gain a more informed perspective - have access to your shipment's tracking and status details at all times.

Whether you’re shipping one package or hundreds, it’s important that you know from where around the world your shipments are coming from in order to accurately plan your business logistics. At Fleataable Tracking, we provide real-time enhanced tracking options for companies who source their products globally by merely entering their product attributes and seeing a visual representation of where their tracking numbers originate from on a customized map. This helps our clients avoid financial pitfalls and loss of revenue due to delayed orders.

Fleataable - Better Visibility

Keep track of every detail related to your shipments with Fleataable Consignment Tracking. Our service provides you with a comprehensive view of all your shipments, allowing you to track them in real time – no matter where they are located you can track consignment number. Whether you need to track a single shipment or multiple ones, we give you the tools and data you need to ensure that your goods arrive on schedule.

Why choose Consignment Tracking for your business?

  • Efficient process: With online invoicing, employees and other stakeholders can spend less time on data entry, cross-referencing, and filing papers. It is easier to submit invoices and also to keep track of expenses with intuitive reporting workflows. The administrating team has more time for their important duties.
  • Reducing the risk of errors: Having a paper-based system is really risky. And it shows by how much money most companies lose every year by paying out more than they should be and having to pay through the nose for it. But there’s an easy way to avoid all that – use online systems like ours! Using our software means that multiple sets of eyes aren’t put on every invoice (like with paper records) which drastically reduces the chances of someone either making a mistake or even worse, claiming something they shouldn’t have because it was entered into the system in error.
  • Instant & open access: All invoices occur through a cloud-based platform. This allows everyone on the team to stay in the loop. This drastically reduces the back and forths that your employees and finance teams need to go through.
  • Cost savings: Online solutions pay for themselves after a period of about 6 to 18 months. You can also save additional money from having an efficient and smooth running cloud-based process that reduces turnover times.
  • Easy audits: Online receipt management enables businesses to store receipts on the cloud. Hence, it’s easy to access and export these smart receipts, which helps create expense reports. All these benefits make audits a breeze for your accounts team.

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Stay on top of all of your shipment details. Fleataable Consignment Tracking gives you a centralized view of your shipments and the ability to track them in real time regardless of where they are located. Whether you want to follow a single shipment or multiple ones, we give you the tools and data you need to ensure that your goods arrive when expected.

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