Driver Settlement

Track & Improve Efficiency Of Your Fleet

Driver Settlement

Fleataable is an online platform that takes care of your driver’s expenses on the road. By monitoring driver’s expenses, fuel usage, and vehicle performance, we are able to offer you a complete solution for managing the behind-the-wheel costs.


No more spreadsheets! Easily manage your drivers and track your fleet.

  • We have several features that will help you optimize your business processes. – Fuel card management – 24/7 live chat support – Driver expense reports.
  • We are your partner in helping your drivers deliver more. You can now set up your feeding schedule, change routes, receive feedback and more.
  • Fleataable is the new way to manage your driver’s time. Never lose track of your vehicles – always know where they are.

Fleet management is a software that enables you to manage your fleet of vehicles easily and effectively. It helps you in monitoring your vehicles, drivers, staff, and overall business from a single interface. You can plan for the future by analyzing historical data and create reports based on it

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