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Fuel Sensor Integration with
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Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel Sensors Integration in Fleataable Fleet Management

A Fleet management System (FMS) like Fleataable is a future-ready application that works as an internet-based Fleet management software with mobile app integration, telematics, GPS and Geofencing technologies. It serves many transporters and logistics companies as it is customizable for various transportation needs, such as last mile deliveries. The real-time fuel monitoring and data analytics offer insightful reports for informed decision making.

The fuel sensors integration help the fleet or transport manager to constantly monitor fuel consumption, which allows stakeholders to decide when to refill the tank. The current level of fuel in the tank can be monitored in various circumstances, and the data can be accessed through a cloud portal. The system also allows for analytics to be performed on the data, which can reveal fuel misuse or theft. The monitoring system offers a general overview on the usage of fuel for a vehicle or equipment.

Modern electronic devices, like fuel level sensors, can be seamlessly integrated with a dashboard in a monitor. This enables users to not only view the fuel consumption patterns, but also prevent instances of fuel wastage or pilferage. The fuel sensors integration help to track the fuel consumption patterns and prevent the instances of fuel wastage or fuel pilferage.

Fuel sensors play an important role in helping drivers manage their fuel usage. By providing data on fuel consumption, these sensors can help drivers identify wasteful driving habits and make corrective changes. With a wide range of fuel sensors available on the market, it is important to choose the right one for your needs in order to get the most out of your fuel management system.

Fuel level sensors can help long-haul trucking companies save money on fuel costs. The data received from the sensors can be used to choose the right size and type of vehicle for a particular payload and route. Using fleet management software can help minimize the number of vehicles and stops, and the time spent on the road. This can optimize fuel cost, which can account for up to 60% of operating costs.

Omnicomm Fuel Level Sensors Integration With Fleataable

Omnicomm high-precision capacitive fuel level sensors are exceptionally robust, extremely precise (99.5% accuracy), totally reliable (highest possible ingress protection rating of IP69k) and super-safe. They deliver consistently high accuracy in even the harshest conditions.

Omnicomm’s digital data transmission protocol has become the de facto industry standard in capacitive fuel-level sensors globally.

The sensors work both with OMNICOMM tracking equipment and are compatible with the most popular vehicle trackers and tracking platforms.

Omnicomm’s sensors include the adaptable OMNICOMM LLS 5 and adaptable explosion-proof OMNICOMM LLS-Ex 5, digital OMNICOMM LLS 4 and OMNICOMM LLS-AF 4 with analogue and frequency-modulated output.

Exceptionally robust with 99.5% accuracy

Accurate capacitive fuel level sensors lie at the heart of effective fuel monitoring, empowering fleet operators to monitor fuel consumption, mileage in km per litre and precise fuel levels at any time. OMNICOMM’s capacitive sensors are highly accurate and reliable, with a long work-life, and require no technical maintenance.

  • 99.5% accuracy – to provide precise meaningful data
  • IP69k ingress protection rating – to reliably perform even in extreme conditions of moist, dust, vibration and in a wide range of temperatures
  • 1+ million vehicles equipped in 110 countries
  • Fully guaranteed with a lifetime warranty: warranty claims rate of just 0.009% since 2017
  • Integration with 3rd party trackers & fleet management solutions
  • Off-the shelf size from 700 to 3.000 mm. Easily adjustable to fit the tanks of most sizes

Helping businesses save fuel and money since 1998







  • 20+ years of experience
  • 1+ million vehicles equipped with our fuel-level sensors
  • 110 countries where OMNICOMM products are sold
  • 3,000+ partners serving satisfied customers worldwide

Note : OMNICOMM content has been take from https://omnicomm-world.com/fleet-owners/products/sensors/

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