Waste Management Fleet Software

Speed up the operations of your waste management fleet

Sim based tracking

Benefits of Fleataable for Waste Management

Track Open Job Cards, Alerts, Upcoming Services, Renewal Reminders, Spare parts, Tyre Management, Vehicle Status On a single dashboard. Live Reporting for better decision making.


Reduction in Fuel Expenses


Increase in


Reduction in Downtime and Breakdown


Reduction in Renewal Delays


Increase in Vehicle Utilization


Reduction in Maintenance Cost



Fleet Maintenance

We can help you save hundreds of hours of your time. Fleet Maintenance Software for commercial vehicles. Fleataable makes it easy to follow your whole fleet and save money.


Fuel Management

Fuel is the pricey segment of your fleet. Traditional fuel management systems are outdated and difficult to use. Fleataable offers a complete fuel management solution that works with existing equipment, lowers operating costs, and provides improved data insight.



Fleataable help reduce truck breakdowns by providing a number of features and services that can help keep trucks on the road and running smoothly..

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You can set up customized reminders for various renewals, such as vehicle registrations, insurance policies, and driver's licenses. Our intelligent system keeps track of expiration dates and sends automated reminders well in advance, giving you ample time to complete the necessary paperwork and renewals.


Tyre Management

With Fleataable, you can easily track tyre usage, monitor tread wear, and schedule timely replacements. Our system provides real-time data on tyre conditions, allowing you to identify potential issues and take proactive measures before they escalate. This not only enhances safety but also improves fuel efficiency and reduces operational costs.


GPS & Telematics

Fleataable Integrates with GPS & Telematics device that allows you to track your fleet. No more guessing. Enjoy real-time reporting of your fleet's location, speed, and status.

Sim based tracking is all about determining the location of the vehicle/person with the help of a sim. It shares the geographic coordinates derived from the nearest cellular tower. As the vehicle/employee moves, the sim keeps sharing the data on a regular interval that you receive on the app.

It is more affordable than conventional tracking solutions as you do not need to install a device or pay for its maintenance to get real-time tracking services

Sim based tracking comes in handy when you want to track a vehicle or consignment but do not have enough time to install a GPS Tracker. Especially, when vehicles are hired on an ad hoc basis or rented for a few days.

No, you do not need an internet connection for sim based tracking to function. That’s the beauty of it.

With FLEETABLE you get liberty in this case. Our system supports almost all telecom operators. In case you are doubtful about it. You can always get in touch with us to know more.

Any phone works well for SIM Based tracking as long it’s functional. You do not need a smartphone, in fact, the old school feature phones are also good for the job.

Tracking of a driver’s SIM location cannot be started without the informed consent of the driver. And it is stopped automatically after completion of the trip.

What We Offer

The fleet management solution that is right for you is the one that can help you be more productive and efficient. That’s why at Fleataable we are proud to offer a fleet management software solution that can do just that. With our fleet management software, you have the tools to manage your fleet from anywhere, even your mobile device. Our fleet management software can help you track the location of your vehicles, monitor driver behavior, and schedule maintenance; Inventory , Tyre through our Mobile App. In addition, you can get real-time updates and alerts on your fleet vehicles. Our fleet management solution was built with your needs in mind, so it is easy to use and configure. We also offer a fleet management software solution that is customizable and scalable. This means you can start out with some of our basic functionality and add more modules as you grow.

Our Gate in-Gate out Module streamlines the process of logging vehicles, visitors, and materials coming in and out of a premises. Rather than having to rely on manual entries and paper logs, which can be both tedious and time-consuming, the system is equipped with an interface that allows you to approve requests in real time and set permissions for different users so that they can only approve requests that they are authorized to give permission for.

We Are Everywhere

Fleataable is a next-generation fleet management software that allows organisations to operate fleets in the most efficient manner possible. From a number of key features that are built into the platform, Fleataable improves the user experience, helping you increase your fleet efficiency, reduce your costs and save on time. At its foundation, fleataable is built by the users for the users and works across a number of different industries, including hospitality, retail, private hire, logistics and more. fleataable is built with a ‘software as a service’ model, which means it is always up-to-date and is hosted in the cloud, giving you instant access on any device..


Power Your Operation with Real Time Tracking.

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