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Customer contracts and billing are crucial to the operations of the transportation industry because they put logistics companies on a financial footing by requiring them to charge proper transportation rates and submit their bills to customers on time. Transport businesses can use Fleataable ERP to adopt several rate agreements and apply them to invoice without the need for human intervention.

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Customer Contract

1. Freight Rate Contracts

Gr Creation

1. Pick Contracts
2. To Be Billed Grs

POD Module

1. Receive POD
2. ePOD


1. Customer Billing
2. eInvoice Ready

Payment Receipt

1. Receive Payments
2. Check Outstandings

Benefits of Transport Billing Software

Transport Billing Software – the backbone of efficient financial operations for your transportation business. Designed with precision, our software streamlines billing processes, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and transparency in financial transactions.

Automated Invoicing

Experience hassle-free billing with our automated invoicing system. Ensure timely and accurate billing for your transportation services.

Flexible Rate Management

Customize and manage multiple rate agreements effortlessly. Adapt to changing market dynamics with a flexible rate structure.

Real-time Billing Insights

Gain instant visibility into your billing operations. Track payments, pending invoices, and overall financial health in real-time.

Integrated Payment Gateways

Seamlessly integrate with popular payment gateways for quick and secure transactions. Offer convenience to your clients and ensure prompt payments.

Client Communication Tools

Enhance communication with clients through automated billing notifications. Keep clients informed about invoices, payments, and upcoming billing cycles

Salient Features

Effortless Billing, Seamless Transportation Management with Fleataable

Customer Outstanding Ageing

Customer Outstanding Ageing

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Unbilled Grs - Dashboard

Unbilled Grs - Dashboard

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Unbilled TBB Grs

Unbilled TBB Grs

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Receipt Report

Receipt Report

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We Are Everywhere

We have highly responsive software which is user friendly and easy to use on any device – laptop, phones or tablets. Fleataable offers a dynamic web portal and robust mobile apps for both, Android and IOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can check Customer outstanding branch wise from Dashboard and a dedicated detailed report also.

Yes, we can receive payments in fleetable against invoices, we can also see how much payment is received and pending for each invoice also.

Yes, we cna notify customers throught various channels like WhatsApp, SMS, Emails.

No, we do not provide customer portal in our subscription model, however you may always connect with our team to get updates.

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