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In the dynamic world of transport management, freight brokers play a crucial role in bridging the gap between shippers and carriers. They ensure that goods are transported efficiently and cost-effectively, leveraging their expertise to negotiate rates and coordinate logistics. Our Freight Broker System offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance your operational efficiency. From a smart dashboard view to single-click customer creation, we provide powerful tools at a competitive price to streamline your freight brokerage processes.

Key Features of Our Freight Broker System

  • Smart Dashboard ViewGain a holistic view of your transport operations with our intuitive dashboard. Monitor key performance indicators, track real-time data, and make informed decisions quickly
  • Manage Trip (Market)Effortlessly organize and manage market-based trips. This feature ensures seamless scheduling, tracking, and resource allocation.
  • Know Your Trip-wise ProfitStay on top of your finances by tracking the profitability of each trip. This tool helps you analyze revenue and expenses to optimize your operations.
  • Update POD Streamline your Proof of Delivery process. Quickly update POD status to ensure timely and accurate records, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Manage Customer Billing Simplify your billing process with easy-to-use customer billing management. Generate accurate invoices and manage payments efficiently to maintain cash flow.
  • Manage Supplier Hire Slip Keep track of all supplier hire slips in one place. This feature allows for efficient management of supplier agreements and tracking of hire costs.
  • Get Print for GR, Invoice & Hire SlipPrint Goods Receipts, Invoices, and Hire Slips with ease. This functionality supports accurate documentation and helps maintain thorough records.
  • User-Friendly with Free Mobile App Access all features on the go with our free mobile app. Its user-friendly design ensures that you can manage your transport operations anytime, anywhere.
  • Single-Click Customer Creation Save time with single-click customer creation. Quickly add new customer profiles to your system with minimal effort, enhancing your customer management efficiency.
  • Competitive Pricing Enjoy all these powerful features at a competitive price, making our service both cost-effective and comprehensive for your transport management needs.
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Frieght Broker Management Software

Fleetable TMS is designed for Transporters/ Truckers to manage Frieght Broker Management Software

freight management software enables companies to select the most optimal transportation solutions for their particular needs. This is especially useful for businesses that don’t have their own fleet of vehicles and therefore must utilize the services of freight providers. Freight management software provides users with data on various carriers as well as the services they offer, allowing users to evaluate different options and choose the best one based on their specific transportation requirements. This system is used by logistics and supply chain professionals who are responsible for ensuring goods are delivered to customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Manage your fleet, track your trucks, and better manage your freight brokerage.

Our aims to reduce paperwork and simplify your shipping process.
Proper Management in business can lead to :
Accelerate your service delivery.
Reduce information gaps and opacity
Increase profit margin by managed reporting which reduces costly errors.

The Smartest Freight Broker Software in the Business.

We know how important it is to put quality into everything you do. We take pride in building functional and effective mobile apps and web applications to let your organization reach its true potential.

  • Customer Portal: Improve the customer experience in your system by providing them with a secure login that will let them create new PO’s (Price order), Rate shipments, track their shipments, and View their Invoices.
  • Sales Portal: Let your sales representative both internal and external broker create new quotes, negotiate prices, create dispatch information for carriers, and communicate with the various parties involved in the transportation.
  • Carrier Portal: When comparing your options, integrate with multimodal carriers and their rating systems to bid, quote, and negotiate all through one place with our platform. Shorten the time required for carrier selection.
  • Rating and Bidding: We can save your time and money by providing system generated comparative research. By entering basic information such as your delivery address and transport product, our system will suggest the appropriate type of freight service and then produces a quote for you to review.
  • Dispatch Management: Create Dispatch document and track shipment within minutes. Share notes individually with your customer.
  • Invoice Documents: Send and receive invoices, make payments and follow-up on collections. Keep an eye on total expenditure and settle the claims along with relevant documentation.

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Freight broker System

Effortlessly manage your transport operations with Fleataable’s Freight Broker System. Gain a comprehensive overview with our smart dashboard, streamline trip scheduling, and track profitability with ease. Simplify your billing and supplier management, update Proof of Delivery statuses quickly, and print essential documents seamlessly.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Interesting insights are uncovered when historical data is collected and analyzed. This lets you make very important optimizations to your inventory that save both you and your customers money because of this new information.

Our Freight Broker System is designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of your transport Brokerage operations. With features like a smart dashboard, trip management, profit tracking, and more, you can ensure efficient, cost-effective logistics. Coupled with competitive pricing, our comprehensive solution offers exceptional value, making it easier than ever to manage your freight brokerage business effectively. Explore these features to see how we can help you optimize your operations and drive success in the competitive world of transport management.

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