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Discover Fleataable’s Part Truck load Software for efficient logistics management. Reduce shipping costs, improve route planning, and track partial loads in real-time with our innovative solutions.
A Cloud Based Connected Transport management system applications for collaboration work, make your branches live, track your Deliverables more efficiently with our dynamic reports & dashboards

Part Truckload (PTL) Management Software

FLEATAABLE TMS-PTL software is designed to be Process dependent rather than people dependent

  • Book Live Grs from Branches/Warehouses
  • Grs will be added in Booking Stock
  • TBB Bill Creation/Receive
  • Contract Masters for Customer/Party
  • Load Grs to different location
  • Track Vehicles
  • Unload Vehicles
  • Track Short & Excess while Unloading
  • Maintain Delivery/Transit/Crossing Stock
  • Deliver Goods by Cash Memo/DRS
  • Deliver Door Delivery Material
  • Delivery Bill Creation/Receive
  • Dashboards with MIS for Branch Level
  • Dashboards with MIS for Company Level
  • Strong Reporting to keep you updated
  • Notifications to Customers via Email, SMS, WhatsApp

Transport Management System

 A cloud based connected application for collaborative work, make your branches live, track your deliverables more efficiently with our dynamic reports & dashboards 

  • E-Business Ready
  • Scalable
  • Anywhere Access
  • Easy to Use
  • Integrated
  • Easy Maintenance
Fleetable The Best Transport Management System in India

Order Booking​

Book Consignments from several locations in real time, record, and print documents, send relevant documents to counter parties through notifications.

The journey of a transporter begins with order the journey of a transporter begins with order booking suitable helps you in creating a consignment or GR through its online cloud platform you can apply charges on the basis of destination consignor consignee or billing customer you can add invoices of your customer along with the invoice date value and Eway bill Fleataable has an integration with e waybills which helps you automatically verify Eway bills at the time of booking material calculation rates are on the basis of weight packages or volumetric you can add as many charges as you want in booking the consignment can be delivered at your own Godown parties go down or transit to another transporter.

Once Consignment note is made the material comes into the stock of booking Godown, every stakeholder would know if consignment notes are created. We can notify the customer, the destination branch, and the dispatcher of booking branch that the material has been booked and is ready to be dispatched.

Loading of material

Once the material is spoked it is dispatched along with other consignment notes in a single vehicle this vehicle can also have material from several other branches and can deliver the goods 2 multiple branches the best part of the table is the robust environment in which you can create innumerable consignment notes and loading manifest. With Fleataable you would also be able to create a consolidated eway while statement of all the evils within the vehicle based on the loading manifest at once without logging into e-Way bill portal the evil API is integrated with Fleataable which helps you reduce a lot of man hours and improve efficiency of managing e-Way bills. Load Consignments on to movable asset, track movement of goods in real time.

Truck Freight Management

Manage Truck Freight payables and receivables with respect to truck owners and branch managers. Get clear picture of payments to be made or received from driver.

Unloading of material

When the vehicle carrying goods reaches the destination the material is unloaded at the destination there are reports which are created for unloading the material each and every good is marked unloaded if there is a short shortage the system would also allow you to put shorter access material and it would also send a notification to the booking branch and it will keep the head office and destination in the loop. Once the material is unloaded the material now comes in the stock of destination these goods are then either delivered or send to other transporter for transit/crossing purpose.

Delivery of Material from Godown

When the material is unloaded in the destination godown, it is delivered from the godown to the customer via a representative or an agent. Delivery charges are applied on this material and are taken from the customer. Customer can pay in cash, or they can transfer in the bank account and there is also an option of giving Credit to customer. In this case customers can pay later for the materials they have received please table also helps you create delivery invoices for the customers who get their material delivered on credit. Also helps you to maintain customer wise outstanding.

Party Management/ Invoicing

With our innovative Key customer handling modules, you can keep your clients up to date about their consignments. Let them see their dashboard for better clarity

Payment from Customers

Get paid from your customers and mark invoices as paid in Fleataable. You would have an option to receive multiple invoices at one time, you would also be able to receive advances or partially paid invoices.


Once the process of booking is complete you can always view these within reporting get a single report for booking dispatching POD receiving invoicing and payment received status.

Send Updates

Via Email, SMS, WhatsApp

Keep track of your fleet and vehicles online. Get online updates via Whatsapp, Email and SMS. Fleataable is a fleet tracking software that gives business owners and fleet managers a view into their fleet at all times, no matter where they are. With real-time updates on your fleet, you can increase the productivity of your business

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