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Fleetable Partner Program

Fleetable is delighted to be working with a diverse and large network of companies who are interested in becoming strategic partners. To continue growing this partnership, we are always looking for like-minded companies to join our ever-expanding alliance of organizations that specialize in the recent technology that's revolutionizing the transportation industry - whether it’s telematics, ridesharing mandates for taxicabs, or high tech self-driving cars. Fleetable makes it easy to enter into a partnership with our company. The best way to get started is by checking out our partner options today.

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At Fleetable we are excited about building strategic partnerships with product management software companies. They help us to glide into the future of Product Management. We build integrations with complementary products and services, thereby creating a more comprehensive package for our mutual customers. This dynamic approach has proven in time to be advantageous for all parties involved because it provides for a seamless experience, emphasizes data security and helps everyone in the chain achieve their goals without fail.

Integration Partnership

Fleetable is Proud to be associated with GPS & Telematics Service Provider,
Fuel Sensor Providers,
Accounting Software Providers,
HR-payroll/ CRM Service Providers,
Legal Service Providers,
Tyre Management Service Providers

Value Added Referral Partnership

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We are Proud Partners with some

  • Top notch consultants who are working closely with Logistics Sector Globally.
  • We are also partners with organizations/Individuals who are already providing some good or services to Fleet Owners and Transporters.

At Fleetable, we have built an internal network of trusted and diverse partnerships that help us do our job better. Our Referral Program is specifically designed to work with business partners who can help our customers in a complementary way. They are often a good fit for the Fleetable platform and can add new features to it. One partnership type is especially promising: integration! If your company offers both hardware and software, we may be able to integrate seamlessly with your systems so that customer data will flow more smoothly across platforms.

Partner’s Benefits

➢ Competitive commission (with signed Fleetable Referral Agreement)
➢ Fleetable Sales Team will help you in closing deals
➢ Sales and Marketing Support
➢ Access to Fleetable Partner Portal
➢ Customer Support
➢ Services handled by Fleetable

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