Yes, it can be used on mobile, tablets, laptops, PC’s. it can be used on any device like android or Ios.

Fleetable is a cloud-based application and is supported on all major modern browsers, we recommend Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Firefox 43 and higher, Safari 5.1 and higher, Chrome 22 and higher and Microsoft Edge

Yes, you can use Fleetable on any OS like macOS, Windows, Linux, ubuntu, Chromium OS, overall any OS which support modern browsers.

Yes there is an android app for Fleetable

We continuously upgrade Fleetable for better customer experience, We provide version updates once every week or two. We do this without disturbing your work, We handle all updates, hosting and other IT related technical work so that users are always secured and have access to fast service from Fleetable. We also keep posting blogs on our new updates please visit for more information on updates


Yes, we support most fuel cards in India, you can directly import fuel entries into Fleetable without any need to enter them manually

Yes, we are ASP (Application Service Provider) we provide a link between the taxpayers and the GSPs, we already have active eway bill integration in Fleetable – Operations where we can directly create consolidated eway bills/part B and check eway bills authenticity. We can also customize solutions with GST compliance as per your requirements

Yes, we have a separate module for fast tag data import from prominent banks. You can put fast tag cost directly in Fleetable to get a holistic trip report.

Yes, we have a separate module for Accounting (Fleetable Finance), also we can push data into other accounting softwares like tally.

Fleetable has some of the Service Schedules for your help already, further these service schedules can be made specifically depending on the vehicle model and route on which the vehicles is plying. Fleetable will let you build all the Service Schedules yourself and follow the Schedule to improve your fleet efficiency and reduce the breakdowns.

Data & Features

You can download your data; all our reports can be downloaded in excel format, you can also print these reports.

No, Fleetable does not require any investment in hardware of any type of tracking device, there is no upfront cost on hardware for using Fleetable, you just use your pc/laptop for data input and reporting

Yes, Fleetable is flexible application where you can manage assets like trucks, trailers, oil tanker, gas capsules, water tankers, car carriers, scooter carriers, cranes, heavy equipment’s, airplanes, ships, boats, lawn equipment’s, machine tools and many more. You can log services, cost, proactive maintenance schedules, manage spares and tyres, and finally track expenses.

Fleetable API

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