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White Label Load Board Software Solution

A load board is a platform where Fleet owner and Shipper connect in order to negotiate and book loads to move freight. This Load Model Let’s You Post Shipment and Manage them in Single Platform.


As an independent operator in the trucking business, you’re responsible for making decisions everyday that help your bottom line. When it comes to technology and products for your business, it can be hard to choose the right ones. Below are ways a load board can aid you in making more money and moving forward in your trucking business.



Online Load/Truck Booking For Brokers and Shippers

Load boards are useful for carriers, brokers, and shippers alike. For carriers, load boards provide an easy way to find freight, often at rates better than those offered by brokers. They also provide carriers with access to shippers who need their services and help them to fill their trucks quickly.

  • For Brokers: load boards are a great way to find available capacity and list their loads. They can post their loads and search for carriers who can move them, and also access ratings and reviews for carriers and shippers.
  • For Shippers: load boards offer an easy way to search for carriers who can move their freight, often at lower rates than those charged by brokers. They can also access ratings and reviews for carriers, helping them to make informed decisions.

Load boards have also become a great way for carriers, brokers, and shippers to collaborate on freight services. They allow all parties to communicate in real-time, and can even provide automated tracking of shipments.

Overall, load boards are an invaluable tool for the freight industry. They provide a convenient way for carriers, brokers, and shippers to find and book freight shipments quickly and easily.

Why use a load board?

A load board is a web-based service that facilitates the transportation of freight. Load Board provides a platform for both Shippers and Carriers to connect and transact business. Features of Load Boards

  1. Load Matching:  Load board platforms provide a service to match shippers and carriers.
  2. Rate Negotiation: Once a shipper and carrier have been matched, the load board platform offers an interactive negotiation feature that allows users to discuss and agree on a rate for the shipment.
  3. Document Exchange: This helps to streamline the process of exchanging paperwork and makes it easier to manage the shipment.
  4. Tracking & Visibility: Load board platforms offer real-time tracking and visibility into shipments.
  5. Payment Processing: Load board platforms provide a payment processing system that allows shippers and carriers to securely and quickly process payments.

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