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Fuel-level Sensors Provider

Omnicomm’s high-precision capacitive fuel-level sensors are exceptionally robust, extremely precise (99.5% accuracy), totally reliable and super-safe. They deliver consistently high accuracy in even the harshest conditions. Omnicomm’s digital data transmission protocol has become the de facto industry standard in capacitive fuel-level sensors globally.   

On Road Legal Assistance Provider

Lawyered on the Spot is a new legal assistance program in India that helps with commercial and non-commercial vehicles’ on-road legal issues. The program is facilitated by AITWA and is available 24/7. It’s goal is to provide real-time assistance and resolution to issues that vehicles may face on their journey.

On-road legal assistance program for commercial and non-commercial vehicles across the country.

We are always by your side 24*7 & 365 days of the year.

Get instant resolution to your incidents even at the remotest locations


Timely help in the form of immediate local representation can save potential losses in money, time and reputation.

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Humsafer App

Distracted Driving Prevention: Stay focused on the road with our state-of-the-art distracted driving prevention feature. The app detects and alerts drivers about dangerous distractions, reducing the risk of accidents caused by mobile phone usage.

Fatigue Monitoring: HumSafer prioritizes driver well-being by monitoring fatigue levels through AI-driven facial analysis. Receive alerts to take breaks when needed, ensuring you stay refreshed and alert during long journeys.

Real-time Alerts: Receive instant alerts for lane departure, following distance violations, and potential collisions. Stay informed about critical situations to make split-second decisions that enhance safety.

Driver Analytics: Gain insights into your driving behavior, including speed patterns, braking habits, and adherence to road regulations. Use this data to improve your skills and become a safer driver.

Insurance Samadhan

Founded by five passionate individuals working towards empowering the aggrieved insurance policyholder and getting their rightful insurance claim or the refund of the premium. With over 100 years of combined experience in the insurance and legal industry. We bring diverse skills and experiences to the table, enabling us to create a company that is responsive, reliable, and dedicated to meeting the insurance policyholder’s needs. We are proud to be a team of professionals who aim to ensure that every insurance-related grievance is addressed and resolved promptly and satisfactorily.

Insurance Samadhan
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