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Featured Mobile App

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In today’s Transport and Fleet Business World, it has become apparent that fleet management is a complex and multi-faceted field, which means that management applications have become a critical tool for companies in this space. There are also many different fleet management solutions in the market. The market has been segmented into driver management, vehicle tracking, telematics, safety and compliance, real-time information, operations, remote diagnostics, and fuel monitoring solutions. To enable the Owners/Managers Fleataable’s mobile app is a program that provides users with a way to track, manage, and organize their fleet of vehicles. Some industries that use them include trucking companies, shipping companies, taxi services and delivery services. Now you can track your fleet or transport business on your Android Device. Learn how it works and how to get started with your Fleet Android app.

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Fleetable Mobile App

Benefits of Fleataable Mobile App

1. Improved Productivity
Fleet management apps make it easier to dispatch vehicles and monitor their performance. You will be able to match drivers with the jobs best suited for their skills, with less time spent figuring out who’s available and where they should go next.

2. Cost Savings
The cost of managing a fleet is high, and there is always room for improvement in this area.

Thankfully, there are many ways that an app can reduce your costs.

3. Better Customer Service
When customers know when your drivers will arrive at their homes or offices, they are less likely to feel frustrated by wait times .

4. Enhanced Safety and Security With a fleet management app, you can ensure that everyone in your fleet is working safely and in line with company policies.

5. Better Regulatory Compliance
A fleet management app can help you keep track of vehicle inspections, registration renewals, and other regulatory requirements.

6. More accessible and Accurate Data Collection
Tracking vehicles manually is complex and error-prone. Digital systems can be programmed to gather data automatically and record it accurately.

  • Automate your work without pc’s
  • Start Onboarding Your team on your own mobile app in minutes.
  • Track the Deliverables of your staff directly through branch wise dashboards
  • Use Administrative MIS to keep a bird’s Eye View on your Operations
  • It lets your team to remotely create Bookings and receive POD’s
fleetable mobile app

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