E-Invoice for Indian Business

Powerful and Integrated tools for your Transport

Best Fleet and Transport Management Software in india

E-Invoice for Indian Business

Fleataable is Integrated with E-invoicing under Indian GST

From 1st Oct, 2022 E Invoice will be mandatory for Businesses above Turnover – 10Cr

Use Fleataable to manage E Invoicing in your transport Business.

Easy to use like Excel but with the power and features of ERP

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E-Invoice for Indian Business

Signup on Fleataable for 14 Days of Trial to understand how it fulfills all your transport management requirements. 

Real-time Reporting

E-Invoice for Indian Business

This will help you in the long run by giving you more time to dedicate to making your company thrive, focus on business growth and R&D. 

Flexible Integrations

E-Invoice for Indian Business

Integrating your WhatAapp and Email can help you communicate better with Customers. This way, you can quickly respond to their queries and resolve any issues they may have.

Implements 100%

E-Invoice for Indian Business

Out of all the users who have tried Fleataable, 95% of them say that the best thing about it is how easy it is to understand and use.

Visibility of your Customer Outstanding with Fleataable

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All-in-one Dashboard

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