Tyres Management

Fleetable makes tyre management easy. Track your tyres to reduce risks and increase productivity in Transportation.


Increase your fleet's efficiency.


In tire management, new tires are added and their details are given, which helps you to get accurate results in the future.

Let’s get familiar with the options available here :

  • Update stock: Stock of the tire can be updated easily here. Old tires can be removed and new ones can be added.
  • Define Axle: Tires can be added to the axle. This will define the axle and help you know which tire is on the particular axle.
  • Tire Status: Know the status of the tire. Understand which tire is in repair, on the vehicle, discarded or in stock. Get the report for the tire status to keep the systematic record of the status.
  • Tire Event Summary: Get the complete data of the tire event with date and time.

In the operational management of a residential or industrial project, the status of some aspects is updated as time progresses. In this scenario, as construction equipment is utilized, new tires are added as they become worn down. Consider that these new tires will have been stored in a warehouse and need to be documented on an inventory list to gain access for use or replace those that have deteriorated already.