SIM Based Tracking


  • Sim Based Tracking is a great way to keep track of your fleet’s movements. Using the location coordinates recorded by the driver’s cellular network, you can locate and monitor your fleet’s activities without the use of traditional GPS trackers. SIM Based Tracking is designed to be used on all phones, both feature phones and smartphones, and requires no additional hardware or connection fees. Plus, it’s an efficient and cost-effective way to improve productivity.
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Salient Features

Tracking solutions that are easy to understand and light on the pocket.


Works on all Phones

Feature phones or smartphones


Ideal for market fleet vehicles


No additional hardware

No GPS Devices


Low Cost - Pay as per usage


Works with all mojor network providers

Airtel, Jio & Vodafone-Idea


Improves Productivity

Benefits of Sim Based Tracking

SIM-based Tracking – More dependable, cost-effective, and comprehensive fleet management for market/hire vehicles. It is intended to monitor fleet operations across many locations based on the position co-ordinates recorded by the driver’s cellular network. Designed to track and locate the fleet’s daily operations without the need of traditional GPS trackers.
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Internet Not Required

It works well and unhindered even in remote areas where internet connectivity is poor or unavailable. It does not require internet connectivity to function.

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Cost-effective Tracking

Cost-effective tracking is one of the many benefits of SIM-based tracking. With SIM-based tracking, you don't need to worry about installation or maintenance costs for the tracking device. You simply pay a small, monthly fee for the tracking services.

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It’s Absolutely Legal

Oh yes! Tracking sim is not illegal as long as the consent is provided by the person. It’s illegal to track someone’s phone without them knowing about it. We strictly comply with rules and regulations.

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No Wear and Tear

As there is no need for installing the device, chances of wear and tear are none with sim based tracking solutions. No damage happens to the vehicle. The vehicle stays in the pristine condition as the original.

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Hassle-free Installation

All you need is a phone number, the operator's name, and permission to track. That is it! You mention these details on the portal to initiate the process. In most cases, it won't take more than an hour to get started.

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We Are Everywhere

We have highly responsive software which is user friendly and easy to use on any device – laptop, phones or tablets. Fleetable offers a dynamic web portal and robust mobile apps for both, Android and IOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sim based tracking is all about determining the location of the vehicle/person with the help of a sim. It shares the geographic coordinates derived from the nearest cellular tower. As the vehicle/employee moves, the sim keeps sharing the data on a regular interval that you receive on the app.

It is more affordable than conventional tracking solutions as you do not need to install a device or pay for its maintenance to get real-time tracking services

Sim based tracking comes in handy when you want to track a vehicle or consignment but do not have enough time to install a GPS Tracker. Especially, when vehicles are hired on an ad hoc basis or rented for a few days.

No, you do not need an internet connection for sim based tracking to function. That’s the beauty of it.

With FLEETABLE you get liberty in this case. Our system supports almost all telecom operators. In case you are doubtful about it. You can always get in touch with us to know more.

Any phone works well for SIM Based tracking as long it’s functional. You do not need a smartphone, in fact, the old school feature phones are also good for the job.

Tracking of a driver’s SIM location cannot be started without the informed consent of the driver. And it is stopped automatically after completion of the trip.

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