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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Software can help you save hundreds of hours of your time. Fleet Maintenance Software for commercial vehicles. Fleataable makes it easy to follow your whole fleet and save money.

Fleataable is a platform that improves uptime and manage the entire fleet maintenance lifecycle in one place. It allows you to share responsibility across all team members and achieve your ideal fleet maintenance workflow. With its simple, intuitive interface, you can track and manage every aspect of your fleet’s maintenance from reminders to reporting. The platform also offers insights into your vehicles, drivers, technicians, parts and more to help you identify opportunities for cost savings and process improvement.

Fleataable offers a single-platform solution to manage all your fleet maintenance needs. Our cloud-based platform enables you to track, manage and report on your entire fleet’s condition and improvements in real time. We help you achieve and maintain peak vehicle performance, improve uptime and reduce costs by replacing spreadsheets with automation and AI.

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