Fleet Reporting

Track & Improve Efficiency Of Your Fleet


Fleet reporting made easy with Fleetable. Simply enter your mileage and the time of day and Fleetable takes care of the rest.


Custom and in-depth reports in minutes.

Improve your fleet performance & reduce costs

Fleetable has all the essential fleet management reports you need built into its software, including:

  • Maintenance costs
  • Outstanding payments
  • Open work orders
  • Fleet make-up
  • Fuel costs
  • Total cost of ownership
  • See your fleet performance with just a few clicks.
  • Report your fleet costs in just one click.
  • Reduce your fleet costs with just a few clicks.
  • Fleetable offers you smart, real-time graphs and graphs so you can see your fleet’s performance in seconds, not days.
  • Find out how much your fleet costs monthly. 

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