Job Cards by Fleetable

Job Cards

Job Card Management through your own workshop. Issue spare parts kept in stock for vehicle repair and maintenance. Keep a track of Open Job Cards and update reminders of upcoming services.


Get real-time updates on fleet performance and track fleet vehicles right from your fingertips.

  • Fleetable has a job card management system that is used by workshops to keep track of their work orders. This helps them to manage the workflow at their workshop, monitor open jobs and send reminders for upcoming services. It enables the workshop to manage vehicle repair process more effectively.
  • Fleetable is a complete online dashboard to manage your workshop activities. It is an easy to use web application to manage job card management, stock management, job creation, vehicle tracking and many other activities under one platform.

Fleetable offers a complete solution for any workshop or mechanic, who wants to manage job cards of their vehicle fleet. It will give you full control over your workshop inventory. You can track all open work orders and reminders of upcoming services with the help of an intuitive dashboard.

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