GPS & Telematics

Track & Improve Efficiency Of Your Fleet

GPS & Telematics – Sync Odometer, check location

Fleetable Integrates with GPS & Telematics device that allows you to track your fleet. No more guessing.
Enjoy real-time reporting of your fleet’s location, speed, and status.


See where your fleet is, get reports on your business.

gps & telematrics by Fleetable
  • Track fleet activity, see where your fleet is
    Headline 2: Gain insight into your business
  • See where your fleet is, get reports on your business.
  • GPS Fleet Tracking. Fleetable uses real-time GPS tracking to keep track of your fleet.
  • Fleetable is GPS & Telematics for your fleet. Get insight into your business with a full range of fleet management solutions.
  • Get a complete GPS history of your vehicle.
  • Never worry about over-travelling again.
  • Never be surprised by your mileage again.
  • Always know where your fleet is and how they are doing. With Fleetable, you can easily track your vehicle fleet and its drivers.
  • From the comfort of your computer or at home, you can track your vehicle fleet and keep track of your fleet’s activities.
gps & telematrics integration by Fleetable

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