Fleetable Webinar on - Understanding Full Truck Load (FTL)

Held on (03rd-Dec-2022)


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Full Truck Load.(FTL)

About Facilitator


An industry specialist and regular contributor, dedicated to help businesses of all sizes save money and overcome challenges associated with managing fleets.

Mr. Deepak Banga, Fleetable CEO

Why attend this webinar ?

In today’s ever growing economy logistics and transportation is playing a vital role, In the past 10 years we have seen many ups and down in this industry, from gst implementation to ecommerce boom, we have seen people growing their fleet from 20 to 200 probably. We have seen founders putting all effort in organising their operations and process, creating sops. We have helped lot of companies acheive optimal scenarios whether in resource utilisation or in process optimization. We have fuel organizations who had 2 employees to 20 employees to 50+ employees. In this journey we as Fleetable have learnt and improved a lot.
Today i will present our 10+ year learning in the form of East to use software to manage your transport operations smoothly with multiple employees sitting at different locations and working towards same goal.

Benefits of attending this webinar

The transport management webinar is a great way for businesses to learn about how to manage their transport more effectively. This webinar will cover topics such as: 

This webinar is a great opportunity for businesses to learn about how to manage their transports more effectively and to find out about the different types of transport management features available within fleetable. This webinar will also provide businesses with the opportunity to ask questions about transport management software and to get answers from experts in the field.

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