Fleetable Webinar on - Get to Know Fleet Management System

Held on (15th-Oct-2022)


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Get to know Fleet Management System with Fleetable

Get to know Fleet Management System with Fleetable

About Facilitator


An industry specialist and regular contributor, dedicated to help businesses of all sizes save money and overcome challenges associated with managing fleets.

Mr. Deepak Banga, Fleetable CEO

Why attend this webinar ?

If you manage a fleet of vehicles, you know how important it is to have a good fleet management system in place. A good fleet management system can help you keep track of your vehicles, their maintenance needs, and their location. Fleetable is a fleet management system that can help you with all of these things.

Fleetable is a cloudbased fleet management system that gives you the ability to track your vehicles in realtime, manage their maintenance needs, and track stocks of spare parts. Fleetable is a great choice for fleet management because it is affordable, easy to use, and offers a free trial. With Fleetable, you can manage your fleet of vehicles with ease.

The webinar on fleet management system will help fleet owners learn about the benefits of using a fleet management system, including reducing fuel costs, improving vehicle maintenance, and reducing paperwork.

Benefits of attending this webinar

The fleet management webinar is a great way for businesses to learn about how to manage their fleets more effectively. This webinar will cover topics such as: 

This webinar is a great opportunity for businesses to learn about how to manage their fleets more effectively and to find out about the different types of fleet management software available. This webinar will also provide businesses with the opportunity to ask questions about fleet management software and to get answers from experts in the field.

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