Integrate External Data with Fleataable

Fleataable helps you integrate external data, such as Fuel, Telematics, etc. It not only improves the overall accuracy but also reduces the man hours in operations. Fleataable processes all external data into its centralized engine. The Fleataable is Capable to integrate data from all most all Feet management tools currently available in market. And Arrange that data in the way to give informative and analytical reports.

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GPS & telematics integrations


Fleataable is already integrated with most of the GPS service providers. The real-time location of the Vehicle can be seen on Fleataable Portal. The user does need not to use any different portal to get information about the current location of the vehicle. And Odometer of the vehicle can also be updated by the GPS Running KM.

Fuel Sensor Integrations

The integration for Fuel Sensors is possible with Fleataable and the user gets the reports which result in cost savings. As Fuel Cost cover the major part of all expenses in any organization indulging in Transport or Logistic Business. Regular Monitoring and Reporting of vehicle fuel Filling and Consumption can Control the Fuel Expense.

Fuel Sensor Integrations
Sim Based Tracking Integrations.1


Sim Based Tracking is a great way to keep track of your fleet’s movements. Using the location coordinates recorded by the driver’s cellular network, you can locate and monitor your fleet’s activities without the use of traditional GPS trackers.


The Fleataable is Integrated with most of the banks that are providers of Fastag services. In Fleataable multiple Fastag entries can be imported with a single click and updated to the particular vehicle automatically. It not only saves time but also reduces the chance of wrong entry.

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Eway Bill Integration1


Become E-way Bill Ready Transporter with Fleataable. The Fleataable shows the user if the E-way bill is assigned to Transporter ID or not. Even the Number of E-way bills Expiring on a particular day is also shown to the user to avoid Government Penalties. The User can control E-way Expiring and Status with notifications/Alerts sent by the Fleataable Portal.


The E-invoice Filling on the site sometimes confuses the user, these difficulties are removed in Fleataable Portal. With the E-Invoice Integration in Fleataable, users can fill E-invoices with a single click and in a simple way. It is as easy as making any Tax Invoice and any operational person can make such E-Invoice.

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