Fuel Monitoring System

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What is Fuel Monitoring System?

A Fuel Monitoring System (FMS) is a centralized monitoring system that is used to measure, monitor and control the use of fuel in any type of industry that uses transport as a means of business. These types of systems are typically used for fleet of vehicles, including railway vehicles, Mine development operators, Infrastructure developers, Airline fuel farms, and Telecom tower utilities, as well as any vehicle that requires fuel to operate. The main objective of this system is to maintain record fuel usage and to reduce waste. The system usually employs various types of sensors and technologies that are used to monitor and track fuel inventories, fuel purchases, fuel dispensed, and fuel prices. Empower your operations with Fully integrated Fleet Management Software.

Online Fuel Monitoring System is provided through the use of web portals to provide detailed fueling data, usually vis a vis the back end of an automated Fuel Monitoring System. This enables consumption control, cost analysis, and tax accounting for fuel purchases.

Salient Features

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Fuel Theft Prevention


Save Fuel Cost


Fuel Mileage Analysis


Instant Alert Notifications


Mobile App Monitoring


Idle time Reduction

Benefits of Fuel Monitoring System


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