The Full Truckload Transportation Software platform is appropriate for managing full truckload dispatching operations. The Full Truckload transportation software gives assistance to the transport and logistics industry by making it possible to manage all kinds of business tasks like booking, warehousing and dispatching, trucking, purchasing order management, accounting and many more things.

FTL Management Software

The full truckload management software is a management module of the transport management system that’s designed for truckers who manage full truck loads on predefined routes

The software allows them access to status of loads like

  • Scheduled
  • Vehicle Allotment
  • Dispatched
  • Unrouted
  • Arrived
  • Unloaded
  • POD Pending/receives/submitted
  • Invoiced
  • Payment Received

To make your online business run smoothly, you need an advanced Full Truckload Management Software that can handle the increasing business demand.

One of the evergreen benefits of technology is the ability to reduce costs. Logistics management software does exactly that by acting as a tool that can collect and manage transport related data in one place, thus significantly reducing operational expenses and increasing efficiency. This helps further support greater flexibility in product marketing strategies which can be utilized to serve customers more efficiently throughout the entire shipping process.

The future of transportation is already right in front us. With the help of technology, companies will no longer be limited to improving their transport through a small scale because they can now choose from thousands of options that feature everything from cost tracking and data gathering to saving on gas and overall reducing emissions into the atmosphere by as much as 70 percent daily.

Order Management

Book or Schedule Consignment

Fleetable allows you to add consignment details

  • Which are already dispatched

  • Which are about to dispatch

  • Which are scheduled to be dispatched.

  • Once order is created you can either allot vehicle at that time


       You can allot vehicle at the time of dispatch

  • Helps you in identifying market vehicle or owned vehicle depending on the type of vehicle.

  • The pickup and destination are also dynamic and can be picked from Google Maps directly. This will help the driver and dispatcher to plan and manage a particular trip.

  • Details of consignor/consignee can be added along with the consignment number/Date and Charges which you want to charge customer are also customizable.

  • Fleetable allows you to add extra/reduced door delivery charges and add expenses like hire freight to be paid to vehicle supplier

  • Fleetable allows to pay/receive advance to the customer/Supplier/driver.

Custom Fields within Booking Module

Fleetable understand that every customer has different set of requirements. Keeping that in mind we have given custom fields to cater all the needs of our customers if there is anything which you think is to be added in our consignment module you can always ask us to add custom fields. Later you would get all the MIS’s based on these custom fields along with other details. Not just reporting the best part is that you can use these custom fields within contracts to set rates for your customers any number of custom fields can be used as variables for setting up customer contract.

Contract Management

  • Predefined Rates for each Customers – No need to remember rates, Fleetable will help you add freight based on Contracts.
  • Dynamic contract and multiple variables like Dispatch from State/City and Vehicle Types
  • Setting up your contract management is one of the most unique features of Fleetable which helps you assign freight charges for customers based on predefined set of rules and the best part is that you can create your own rules there is no dependency your contracts are kept secret from other users you can create contracts manage contracts and remove contracts as per your requirement contracts can be made for fixed charges as well as variable charges in Fleetable.
  • You can also create slabs for contract the charges are applied based on slab which you can select yourself overall the contract management would help you build any kind of contract with inflatable show that the charges of freight are automatically applied on the consignments while creating the Invoices.

POD Management

Proof of delivery is vital in transport business we understand the requirement of POD for a transporter or fleet owner play table provides you robust POD management system you can use this module from mobile or from your PC, user can also attach the POD with in Fleetable. The record is maintained booking wise, Once the POD is received the booking is confirmed for invoicing.

Invoice Management

Create customer bills within the scope of compliance send your customer invoices with in Fleetable to reduce man hours and to improve efficiency when your customers get invoices on time, you will get paid on time invoices are an integral part of Fleetable invoices can be made for specific vehicle or for specific route or for specific region with specified period of booking.

Payment from Customers

Get paid from your customers and mark invoices as paid in Fleetable. You would have an option to receive multiple invoices at one time, you would also be able to receive advances or partially paid invoices.


Once the process of booking is complete you can always view these within reporting get a single report for booking dispatching POD receiving invoicing and payment received status.

Send Updates

Via Email, SMS, WhatsApp

Keep track of your fleet and vehicles online. Get online updates via Whatsapp, Email and SMS. Fleetable is a fleet tracking software that gives business owners and fleet managers a view into their fleet at all times, no matter where they are. With real-time updates on your fleet, you can increase the productivity of your business.

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