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Shippers and carriers have a complex relationship, and there are many issues that arise from time to time. Normally this leads to disruptions in the smooth flow of goods from Point A to Point B. This is where freight brokers come in. Freight brokers work on a commission-basis for both suppliers and receivers, but at the end of the delivery process there’s still the question of payment. That’s why transport software exists – so that premium tracking systems can optimize your transportation processes with real-time updates via GPS and detailed reports.

Frieght Broker Management Software

Fleetable TMS is designed for Transporters/ Truckers to manage Frieght Broker Management Software

freight management software enables companies to select the most optimal transportation solutions for their particular needs. This is especially useful for businesses that don’t have their own fleet of vehicles and therefore must utilize the services of freight providers. Freight management software provides users with data on various carriers as well as the services they offer, allowing users to evaluate different options and choose the best one based on their specific transportation requirements. This system is used by logistics and supply chain professionals who are responsible for ensuring goods are delivered to customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Manage your fleet, track your trucks, and better manage your freight brokerage.

Our aims to reduce paperwork and simplify your shipping process.
Proper Management in business can lead to :
Accelerate your service delivery.
Reduce information gaps and opacity
Increase profit margin by managed reporting which reduces costly errors.

The Smartest Freight Broker Software in the Business.

We know how important it is to put quality into everything you do. We take pride in building functional and effective mobile apps and web applications to let your organization reach its true potential.

  • Customer Portal: Improve the customer experience in your system by providing them with a secure login that will let them create new PO’s (Price order), Rate shipments, track their shipments, and View their Invoices.
  • Sales Portal: Let your sales representative both internal and external broker create new quotes, negotiate prices, create dispatch information for carriers, and communicate with the various parties involved in the transportation.
  • Carrier Portal: When comparing your options, integrate with multimodal carriers and their rating systems to bid, quote, and negotiate all through one place with our platform. Shorten the time required for carrier selection.
  • Rating and Bidding: We can save your time and money by providing system generated comparative research. By entering basic information such as your delivery address and transport product, our system will suggest the appropriate type of freight service and then produces a quote for you to review.
  • Dispatch Management: Create Dispatch document and track shipment within minutes. Share notes individually with your customer.
  • Invoice Documents: Send and receive invoices, make payments and follow-up on collections. Keep an eye on total expenditure and settle the claims along with relevant documentation.

Maximize your Brokering Software: Easily Integrate with Fleetable

Take it on Cloud


Cloud-based fleet management software to manage your fleet of vehicles. Manage your fleet of vehicles from anywhere. Fleetable is a cloud platform for building and managing mobile apps. Take it on cloud and get your business to the next level.

API Integration


Build connections with various partners by using our custom API development team to integrate with load boards, rate websites or our partner’s transportation and warehouse management system.

Business Intelligence


Interesting insights are uncovered when historical data is collected and analyzed. This lets you make very important optimizations to your inventory that save both you and your customers money because of this new information.

Benefits of Fleetable

The best Freight Brokerage Software only helps you handle all the responsibilities that come with working alongside a freight broker, allowing you to have more time to focus on other business-related topics like finding new customers.


Party Management/ Invoicing

With our innovative Key customer handling modules, you can keep your clients up to date about their consignments. Let them see their dashboard for better clarity

Payment from Customers

Get paid from your customers and mark invoices as paid in Fleetable. You would have an option to receive multiple invoices at one time, you would also be able to receive advances or partially paid invoices.


Once the process of booking is complete you can always view these within reporting get a single report for booking dispatching POD receiving invoicing and payment received status.

Send Updates

Via Email, SMS, WhatsApp

Keep track of your fleet and vehicles online. Get online updates via Whatsapp, Email and SMS. Fleetable is a fleet tracking software that gives business owners and fleet managers a view into their fleet at all times, no matter where they are. With real-time updates on your fleet, you can increase the productivity of your business.

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