Trip Load Management

Track & Improve Efficiency Of Your Fleet

Trip Load Management

Fleetable is a cloud based platform for transportation fleet owners to manage their vehicle fleets. It helps fleet owners to eliminate paper based operations and to optimize the vehicle utilization, reduce empty runs and fuel costs.

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Plan your Truck route with Fleetable Truck Route Optimization Software.

Fleetable is a unique cloud based web-based platform that provides a complete solution for transport operators to manage their fleet and business. The product is designed in such a way that it will help the transporters to take better decision about their business operations, reducing cost and increasing profit.

Fleetable is a web based application helps you to plan, execute and manage your transportation business. It covers all the aspects from planning the trips from source to destination point , load weight planning, fuel optimization , route optimization, return load planning etc. Fleetable saves around 15-20% of total transport cost by load optimasation and saving on fuel expenses.

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