Track & improve efficiency of your fleet

It reduces man hours,
Brings out right information at right time,
No more asking for the reports,the reports are live and dynamic
Save lot of costs

Track & improve efficiency of your fleet

Our Prestigious Clients

Our Customers belong to FTL, PTL, container carriers, car carriers, scooter Carriers, refrigerator trucks, trailer service, Oil Tankers, gas capsules, buses, cabs, bikes etc.

Live Reporting for better decision making

No More Spreadsheets

Reduced Time



Innovative Tyre Management System

Managing tyres, checking their performance makes it easier to select the best available option available

Compare Tyre Performance
Manage NSD, Claims, Stocks

Accessible, Convenient & Manageable

We help you Making Your Fleet Perform Better

Budget Control

With real time data, measure and reduce cost of each process with clear visibility on the problem.

Share Accountability

We make people responsible & answerable for their assigned tasks through a systemized role based solution.

Integration Ready

We have designed this system to work in sync with other business systems you frequently use.

Right Sizing

Optimal utilization of your asset is the primary purpose of Fleetable, we will help you decide with dynamic reporting tools.

Measured Performance

Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. what gets measured eventually gets done.

Proactive Maintenance

Over half of maintenance is still reactive, which costs 3-9 times more than preventive maintenance. Fleetable improves predictability.

Features of FLeetable - Fleet Management

Some of the features to make your work easy and comfortable

Multi Workshop Management

Manage Multiple Workshops in Fleetable, manage spare part stock, tyre stock Track inventories, create and receive PO

Preloaded Service Schedules

Fleetable has preloaded service schedules for most of the vehicle brands, enjoy hassle free work from day one without much effort to fill masters. Just enter your last service record to get next due date of services.

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Who uses Fleetable to successfully manage their fleet?


Fleetable fleet management software that helps you stay informed of your delivery fleet and their locations, driver and vehicle status.

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Use Timeline to plan projects right the first time. See how the pieces fit together so you can spot gaps and overlaps before you start.

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Increase your capacity, reduce your costs, and improve your productivity.

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Farm Equipment

Fleetable is the maintenance logbook you need to manage your fleet effectively. It allows you to store, organize, and share maintenance data about your farm equipment and vehicles.

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Social Organisations

Tracking the location and condition of the vehicles, maintenance schedules, and fuel usage helps manage costs and keeps the equipment working longer.

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Track, Manage, and Optimize all your government vehicles in one place. Save time and money with Fleetable. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to effortlessly track, manage, and optimize your vehicles

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From dispatch to route optimization to task management and reporting, everything you need to run a successful HVAC fleet is at your fingertips. Fleetable is a powerful, easy-to-use software that optimizes your fleet's performance.

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Connect your trucks and drivers in minutes, and stay connected to your fleet 24/7. Control and optimize your fleet and get real-time information on driver and vehicle activity. Control and optimize your fleet and get real-time information on driver and vehicle activity.

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Build digital issue workflows to move all your fleet forward. Know more about your fleet performance with enhanced visibility. Get your asset information to the right people at the right time.

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Oil & Gas

Use Timeline to plan projects right the first time. See how the pieces fit together so you can spot gaps and overlaps before you start.

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Reduce operating expenses and streamline your operations. Description 1: Fleetable is a comprehensive solution for vehicle and equipment fleet management.

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Food & Beverage

Manage your fleet in a smarter way with Fleetable. Fleetable is a smarter, app-based food & beverage fleet management system. Fleet management made easy - boost your fleet efficiency today with Fleetable.

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Pest Control

Centralize scheduling, dispatch, inspections. Take control of your fleet. Track the location of every vehicle, even when not being managed. Description 3: Log individual vehicle data in one place.

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Service Providers

Fleetable is a vehicle tracking system for service providers. Fleetable increases vehicle uptime and helps prevent fuel theft. It provides detailed information on fuel consumption and location.

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The perfect tool for any size of business. Keep your business moving forward with on-demand fleet maintenance, tracking, and administration. Fleetable is the easiest way to manage your transportation fleet.

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Fleetable gives you access to your vehicle inspections anywhere you are. Schedule inspections, save time, and improve efficiency. With Fleetable, you can now monitor your vehicles' fuel consumption and compare it to previous vehicles. Gain control over your fleet's efficiency.

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Vehicle Leasing

Track your vehicles in real-time to save time, fuel costs, and eliminate fleet risk. With Fleetable, you can spot slow vehicles to enable faster service times for customers.

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Cab Services

Keep your fleet productive. Monitor your vehicles in real time and take action. Boosts safety, boosts efficiency. Monitor your vehicles in real time and take action.

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Waste Management

Fleetable is the easiest way to track your vehicles on one dashboard. See driver behavior, driving hours, fuel efficiency and more. Gain full control over vehicle maintenance, driver safety and fuel expenses for your waste management fleet.

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Fleet Management software can help you oversee your fleet of ambulances. Fleet management solutions are used by ambulance service providers to track, manage, and report fleet data.

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Find out the right Tyre pressure for your vehicle type.
Save time, save fuel, save money, and boost performance with Fleetable

Keep your tires at the optimal pressure to maintain your tires’ performance.
The tire pressure affects the safety of a driver on the road. So you can imagine what a bad tire can do to a vehicle.  When a tire is underinflated, a lot of things will be affected. One of them is the fuel efficiency. There will be a severe impact on the whole tire.
So, it’s important to find the right tire pressure as it is an essential element for properly functioning tires, enabling passengers and/or the load to be carried in a way that is:

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Are big data matters to your fleet management?

What is big data?

Big data is hard to ignore, and we certainly agree: It is an important topic and it’s always nice to know more about trending topics. For fleets and fleet managers big data means that the information comes from the source itself automatically, as sensors now accumulate information that can be used later on to draw conclusions automatically. Of course, this all happens with the help of technology such as GPS fleet tracking, IoT sensors and integrated vehicle OEM sensors.