Ready to see
Fleetable - Finance in Action?

Ready to see
Fleetable - Finance in Action?

Fleetable-Finance is a fully integrated easy to use accounting solution made for collaborative work from multiple locations in real time.

Accounting for all The Non-Accountants

Accounting will not seem complex anymore with the easy to use Accounting package integrated with Fleetable

Fleetable - Accounting
Multi Accounting Books
Real Time Multi User Platform

If you Rely on Independent Contractors, SaasLand
was Built Specifically for You


Multi User, Multi platform, Multi locations, all with roles to give controlled access to users

End to End Accounting

From order booking to invoice creation to payment receiving till balance sheet

Integrated Platform

Fleetable Finance is a fully integrated module with Fleet and Operations, you can access all modules under single login

Great Support

Continuous Support and training is an integral part for all our modules, we keep our associated well aware of the updates

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Increase the Agility of Work

  • Interlinkages for easy access of details

  • Work on multiple financial books at same time

  • Approvals on working of you colleagues

Security at its heart

  • Advanced system authorization to restrict logins
  • IP address bindings
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • User role based logins for controlled access
  • Log Reports to check working of team

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Security at its heart
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Agile Reporting

  • Faster Reports with the help of latest technologies

  • Use on nmulitple windows for multi tasking

  • Role Based Report Access, Balance Sheet and T P&L are confined to Admins