Eway Bill Integration with Transport Management System(TMS) of Fleetable


Become Eway Bill Ready Transporter without all the hasle

Fleetable FMS now has Eway-Bill Fully integrated (Know more about Eway-Bill Integration with Fleetable TMS)


  • ¬†Fleetable TMS Shows Users while Booking Goods that the EWB has already been used in any of the branch before
  • It also checks in real time that the Eway bill is assigned to the Transporter ID and has not expired.
  • The fleetable TMS can alter the status of goods that are in movement and also displays the number of e way bills expiring on a particular day. With the TMS system you can also extend the Eway Bills which are in particular vehicle which is indeed connected to GPS.
  • With Fleetable TMS you are always in control with the notifications/alerts that system send about Expiring and Status of Eway Bill.

Extend Eway-Bills which are in movement in one go

  1. View Vehicles whose Eway Bills are Expiring Today
  2. Update pin code and location
  3. Click on Extend Eway Bill

Sample of Emails you will receive as notifications, mentioning the eway bills expiring soon.

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