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Track & improve efficiency of your fleet

It reduces man hours, Brings out right information at right time, No more asking for the reports,the reports are live and dynamic Save lot of costs

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Who can use Fleetable Fleet Management Software?

Fleet Managers who wants visibility of collaborative tasks
Companies who want to reduce reactive downtimes
Fleet Owners to check cost incurred in each component
To Improve Fleet utilization by proactive maintenance

Core functions of Fleet Management Software must Include

Save time with real-time notifications. Always know where your vehicles are, driving behaviors, and get live alerts about incidents. Reduce liability.

Save time and money with automated reports. Fleet management software helps track vehicle performance, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, maintenance, and more. Fleet management software helps to strengthen your relationship with your customers by providing efficient service.

Turn data into clear insights. Automatically generated reports and dashboards provide valuable insight into your business performance. Easily manage multiple team members’ dashboards.

Know where your vehicles are and how they are being operated with real-time tracking. Reduce accidents through on-board diagnostics that alert you to potential problems.

What should fleet managers look in their fleet management software?

What should fleet managers look in their fleet management software?

Fleet managers should always make sure to invest in a fleet management system that is readily accessible on any device with an active Internet connection. That keep all the data stored in the cloud so it’s always available for you wherever you happen to be, since most importantly it’s accessible 24/7.

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Fleetable FMS Features

Fleet management systems are an administrative tool that gives a company owner or a field manager total control over a business operation. Companies with a vehicle fleet require an infrastructure that can help them with the day-to-day activities. Fleet management systems provide access to an array of tools that can help executives at every step of the way with sophisticated features.

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